Musings of a Lifetime Bible Teacher

It is safe to say that our loving Lord placed these animals on earth especially for us, and He was pleased with the result. Ultimately, mammals are part of the beauty and diversity of life that makes this world such a wonderful place in ...

Musings of a Lifetime Bible Teacher

Many times, ordinary happenings in our lives serve to beautifully illustrate and reveal God’s truths to us. Jesus set the example by using everyday happenings (parables) to illustrate the truths in all His teachings. And if we simply keep our eyes open, we could observe that God is still teaching us in the same manner. We could also be aware that even many well known Scriptures may contain beautiful truths that are often overlooked by the casual student. In this study, a lifelong Bible teacher with an unusual passion for searching out these little hidden lessons, not only by observing and applying everyday happenings to illustrate the meanings of various Scriptures, but also looking at several familiar Scriptures through different lenses in an effort to find additional truths. Herein, he shares some of these little hidden treasures with us.

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