Agile by Design

Coaching Agile Teams. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. Beck, K., Beedle, M., Bennekum, A., Cockburn, A., Cunningham, W. et al. (2001). “The Agile Manifesto.” Retrieved July 1, 2013 from: Cockburn, A. (2008).

Agile by Design

Achieve greater success by increasing the agility of analytics lifecycle management Agile by Design offers the insight you need to improve analytic lifecycle management while integrating the right analytics projects into different frameworks within your business. You will explore, in-depth, what analytics projects are and why they are set apart from traditional development initiatives. Beyond merely defining analytics projects, Agile by Design equips you with the information you need to apply agile methodologies in a way that tailors your approach to individual initiatives—and the needs of your projects and team. Lifecycle management is a complex subject area, and with the increasingly important integration of analytics into multiple facets of business models, understanding how to use agile tools while managing a product lifecycle is essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today's professional world. Gain an understanding of the principles, processes, and practices associated with effective analytic lifecycle management Discover techniques that will enable you to successfully initiate, plan, and execute analytic development projects with an eye for the opportunity to engage agile methodologies Understand agile development frameworks Identify which agile methodologies are best for different frameworks—and how to apply them throughout the analytic development lifecycle With analytics becoming increasingly important in today's business world, you need to understand and apply agile methodologies in order to meet rising standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Agile by Design is the perfect reference for project managers, CFOs, IT managers, and marketing managers who want to cultivate a relevant, forward-thinking lifecycle management style.

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