Forgiving What You ll Never Forget

He can forgive you, but you can't forgive you. How is that possible?” Anyone who has sinned boldly, or is highly sensitive to sin in his or her life, will struggle with forgiving himself or herself. It is not pride, nor is it a weakness ...

Forgiving What You ll Never Forget

Forgiveness is an essential part of being a Christian. But what do we do when confronted with the unforgivable--an act that shakes our moral foundations to their roots, often committed by someone trusted and loved? Murder, sexual abuse, adultery--all leave lifelong wounds and all are trespasses that, through the grace of God, still can be forgiven. Dr. David Stoop compassionately guides readers along the course of heartfelt forgiveness, freeing them to apply the biblical teachings that have already changed thousands of lives. Now available in mass market.

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