Behavior Analysis of Child Development

The abrupt change in the room is immediately noted by (a) a change in the reading on a light meter, and (b) a change in the child's behavior. If the increase in illumination is consistently correlated with an observable change in her ...

Behavior Analysis of Child Development

First published in 1961, Sidney Bijou's Behavior Analysis of Child Development is a seminal work in the field of child development. Intended for the student with a limited background in psychology who is embarking on a study of child development, the book offers a concise introduction to the natural scientific approach to child psychology. It defines basic behavioral terms and principles, and includes many examples of the application of these principles to the understanding of children. In addition to its contribution to the field of child development, this book offers an easily readable and understandable account of the greater topic of behavior analysis itself. Readers may apply the overview presented here to other topics in the wider study of human behavioral development and learning.

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