Gemini Surfactants

interaction and hydrophobic interaction between alkyl chains of the gemini surfactants [55]. ... The nonionic geminis (CmH2m+1)2C[CH2NHC(O)(CHOH)xCH2OH]2 were tested as a coating aid for making photographic materials [57].

Gemini Surfactants

Generating much interest in both academic and scientific circles, Gemini Surfactants gathers the most up-to-date research in gemini surfactantproduction and demonstrates how their propertiesand performance can revolutionize the current industrial application of these surfactants. It surveys the state of special gemini surfactants, including nonionic, zwitterionic, fluorinated, and amino-acid-based surfactants. Gemini Surfactants considers the synthesis, phase behavior, and rheology of gemini and related surfactants and clarifies the adsorption and surface tension behavior of gemini surfactants at air–water, oil–water, and solid–water interfaces. The book also details the physicochemical properties and microstructure of aqueous micellar solutions of gemini surfactants and describes mixed micellization between gemini surfactants and conventional surfactants.

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