This is How We Dance Now

Such unrelenting survival instincts, infectious vitality, and indomitable aspirations are characteristics that the gritty streets of Mumbai share with the ruthlessly competitive world of Bollywood dance and dance reality shows.

This is How We Dance Now

This book is the first scholarly study of Indian dance reality shows and the attendant celebrity culture. It presents an ethnographic and behind-the-scenes study of the lives of reality show dancers and choreographers in obscure and well-known corners of Mumbai and Kolkata. The dancers’ classes, rehearsals, aspirations, and voices—which are often hidden from public gaze—are explored in detail, along with the themes of subjectivity, media-embodiment, pedagogy, gender identity, and social mobility. These explorations are framed by new and original intersections of ideas from the fields of anthropology, dance studies, philosophy, media studies, gender studies, and postcolonial theory. The author offers fascinating, multi-layered analyses into cosmopolitan modernity and the changing visual culture of liberalizing India. Using the lens of dance and dancers, this book offers deep insights into some of the most profound changes taking place in Indian culture today.

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