American Literature and the New Puritan Studies

In the New Puritan Studies, it is not self-evident that what New England Puritanism was – as a theology, as cultural practice, as social formation, as political movement – is at all one and the same as what our modern use of the term ...

American Literature and the New Puritan Studies

This book reconsiders the role of seventeenth-century Puritanism in the creation of the United States and its consequent cultural and literary histories.

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Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-10-15 - Publisher: Gylphi Limited

In the year 2000, two young editors, Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne, published All Hail the New Puritans, an anthology of short stories which created an impact in the somewhat faded literary scene of Britain at the turn of the millennium. The stories themselves, written by 15 young English writers
American Literature and the New Puritan Studies
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This book contains thirteen original essays about Puritan culture in colonial New England. Prompted by the growing interest in secular studies, as well as postnational, transnational, and postcolonial critique in the humanities, American Literature and the New Puritan Studies seeks to represent and advance contemporary interest in a field long
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By 2030, China will be the world’s largest tourism destination, holidays in Outer Space will be the ultimate luxury experience, extreme Swedish ironing will be an Olympic Sport, embedded technologies will be the norm in future tourists and skiing in the Alps will be no more. These are some of
The New Puritans
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Engaging, incisive and acute, The New Puritans is a deeply necessary exploration of our current cultural climate and an urgent appeal to return to a truly liberal society. The puritans of the seventeenth century sought to refashion society in accordance with their own beliefs, but they were deep thinkers who