The Ninja

clans hired the freelance ninja to perform acts of arson, assassination, infiltration and terrorism which they themselves were dutybound to shun. History tells us, for instance, that the ninja made their first important appearance in ...

The Ninja

Out of the violent chaos of medieval Japan, a band of men from the mountain provinces rose to become some of the world's most feared warriors. These men trained to perfect their art – a deadly union of martial skill and deception – to defend themselves against the warlords, samurai and bandits who sought to exploit them. Hundreds of years later their name is a legend whispered down the generations. A select few are still trained in the ancient craft. Fewer still are selected to train at the feet of the most arcane practitioners of the shadow warriors... Nicholas Linnear is one of these elect. And as the city of New York is terrorized by a ritualistic murderer, he may be the only man who can stop these killings. A ghost, an assassin, guided by honour and tradition: the Ninja.

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Kearin the Ninja and his Grampa
Language: en
Authors: Mike Keleher, Kearin Hein
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022-03-16 - Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

This short children's book is the "true" story of how a small boy with a big imagination who loved to dress up in costumes suddenly announced to his Grampa he was not just a boy, but also "Kearin the Ninja" and proceeded to explain his Ninja life. Grampa always knew
True Path of the Ninja
Language: en
Pages: 192
Authors: Antony Cummins
Categories: Sports & Recreation
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-07-12 - Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

True Path of the Ninja is the first authoritative translation in English of the Shoninki—the famous 17th century ninjutsu manual. Authors Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami worked closely with Dr. Nakashima Atsumi, author of the most comprehensive modern Japanese version of the Shoninki, thus making this English translation the closest
Language: en
Pages: 250
Authors: Wes Grant
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-02-19 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Break follows Nick Spears and his progression once he realizes that he has special potentials. He is an assembler, a job that makes him very adept and allows him to create his own weapons and tools. After unlocking the three levels of his special potential, Nick, together with his friends
The Elements
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In the year 2025 peace fills the lands, and war is nothing but a thing of the past. With no need to spend on military might, governments and nations have moved on, investing in the discovery of the body. Bryan Yang and his friends were just your average teenagers, until
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The story thus far: In the last episode of Defenders, Brandon was enjoying a nice day for himself. He ate lunch at his favorite place and met a girl who seemed interested in him. However his quiet time was short lived. A fire broke out at a high rise apartment