The Soul of a Nation

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The Soul of a Nation

In The Soul of a Nation: America as a Tradition of Inquiry and Nationhood, Chris Altieri contends that the forma mentis of the founders of the political society often viewed--by its members and by those external to it--as the non plus ultra of modernity, i.e., the United States of America, is really steeped in the more ancient tradition of thinking that began in Athens and continued through the Christian centuries. Engaging the twentieth-century philosophers Eric Voegelin, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Stanley Cavell--in critical conversation with the founding fathers--the author shows that a broad conversation regarding the constitution of society is constitutively present in the public discourse of the people that began to recognize itself during the imperial crisis of the late eighteenth-century British America; that the participants in that conversation have at least an inchoate awareness of society as at once cosmic and anthropological; and that that political society is therefore an apt field of study in and for the general science of order.

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